mKU is social networking job platform that aims to transform the way job seekers, employers, professional recruiters and career service offices interact and eventually match aspirations to opportunities. mKU aims at developing inbound and outbound career opportunities, provides trans-migration job opportunities and connects all constituent stakeholders in the job markets – from agents, labour bureaus, campus career centres, employment agencies to employers.

We aspire to transform the way employers and recruiters collaborate and communicate their career opportunities to job seekers and for job seekers to articulate their aspirations and career plans through professional positioning. Taking their professional profile to professionally position themselves in the market for job opportunities – to search and to be searched. This will provide an optimised matching for job opportunities. mKU aims to be leading the next paradigm for cloud computing to the enterprises (namely employers, recruiters and career service offices) by offering them the social collaboration and access to job seekers via internet and telecommunication devices and mobile applications.

The site focuses on allowing the stakeholders to harness their current potential to connect with others in collaborative efforts to access opportunities. The solutions provided by mKU will add value to the members and aid them in maximizing their potential and resources. The targeted groups from sub-agencies including labour bureaus, campus career centres, employment agencies jobseekers and employers will find tailored solutions that catered to their needs and at the same time interconnected to a common market place. The connectivity will enhance the capabilities to reach out to the different groups. The platform seeks to provide high quality of user experience and set the benchmark for job and opportunities searching.

mKU will allow users to share content and contacts which lower the barriers of communications that is present in the physical realm. We believe in promoting sharing, content generation and communication for the user’s benefit. We want to provide a platform that not only provide access to opportunities but also prepare users for those opportunities. The information that is generated specially caters to the stakeholders that will seek to enable them to make more efficient decisions.

Being an Asian centric platform, we can offer unparalleled insights to the users throughout the employment process. The various users will be able to understand the various trends of the Asian job market and match aspirations to opportunities more efficiently.


We aim to empower constituent members within the job marketplace with workforce management tools and solutions, online or offline services, and through the redefinition of interactivities and relationships between them, promote better job match opportunities, talent acquisition, management, training and motivation.

We aim to make human resources exchanges in our human capital marketplace as efficiently as possible.

We aim to promote best practices and standards, contributing to education and training for human resources so that they become employable.

We aim to develop and to connect Asian human capitals to the world.


Our vision is to become a market maker, marketplace and exchange for any career related activities featuring all the constituent stakeholders in the job marketplace.

We envision to become the de facto marketplace and market maker for human capitals in Asia.